Tuesday, March 25, 2014

About Borders

This top just cries for a border.

I am trying to catch up and finish all older projects. I set myself some parameters. I want to use only scrap fabrics, not cutting yardage. The blocks are composed of 4" and 2 1/2" squares.

One row of 4" squares doesn't seem to be enough of a frame.

Two rows of 4" squares is too much.

One row of each 4" and 2 1/2" squares is just right.
Generally these are the guidelines I follow.

·        Keep in mind: Measure the bed or wall, if possible, to be sure that the quilt will fit. The quilt will probably finish smaller than the planned size because of the quilting.
·        Make the corners pretty
·        Total width of border usually looks in proportion to blocks if borders and blocks are the same size
·        Block borders
            Change colors in every other block
            Use separator strips
            Border block different value than center blocks
·        Look at the blocks for border shapes
·        All borders do not need to be the same size
·        Consider making every corner different or make opposite corners that match
·        If you want to use pieces of a different size than those in the quilt, make them smaller
·        Borders are constructed of 'units.'  To make borders that fit, each unit size must be compatible with the block size (or previous border) in the quilt.

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