Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Joining Together Quilt Batting

If you make lots of quilts, you have lots of small left over pieces of batting. Seems like a waste. I have been joining small pieces of batting together for years.
The good news is that joining together quilt batting is very easy. It can be done by hand or machine. In either case the batting should not be overlapped. It should just come together. Use a neutral cotton thread.

Zig zag and undulating stitches (I used red thread for the photos)
I join low loft (usually cotton) batting together by machine. Using a walking foot, select the largest setting you have for zig- zag stitch and sew the batting together. My machine has as wonderful undulating stitch, it works too.

The front of the stitching
 For puffer batts I prefer to join them by hand. Thread a large needle with a neutral cotton thread. Simply secure the thread at the top of the two pieces to be joined and sew an ‘X’ stitch.
The back of the stitching

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