Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Road Trip ... Maryhill Museum of Art, Maryhill, WA

MaryhillMuseumFront.jpgMaryhill Museum of Art is a small museum with an eclectic collection. Maryhill is named after the wife and daughter of regional icon Sam Hill, who purchased land and envisioned a community there shortly after the turn of the 20th century. Hill used his Maryhill property to build the first paved roads in the Pacific Northwest, the Maryhill Museum of Art (originally intended as a grand residence for the Hills). Born a Quaker, Hill hoped to attract a Quaker community to eastern Washington. His plans never materialized, and the town buildings he constructed burned down several years later. The unfinished museum building was dedicated on November 3, 1926, and opened to the public on Hill's birthday (May 13) in 1940. 

Plaster sculpture by Auguste Rodin

The Minotaur by by Auguste Rodin

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