Saturday, September 10, 2016

It is still summer!

I love summertime. The sun shines. It's true the sky is bluer in Seattle. One of my favorite ways to celebrate summer is a quick visit to the local Saturday, Farmer's Market. Today I went to Des Monies Washington.

Set against the backdrop of the Olympics and the Puget Sound, Des Moines Farmers Market is a must-see destination for buying local. Located in the close-knit Marina District of Des Moines, WA, the Des Moines Farmer’s Market offers fresh and tasty seasonal crops direct from the growers, an appetizing array of food vendors, a veritable collection of local crafts people, and toe-tapping live musical offerings.

It fascinates me that what's old is new again. Here was a lady selling macrame jewelry! I used to make the stuff before I dedicated all my time to quilting.  Just so you know: I painted ceramics, made macrame jewelry along with pot hangers. I also crocheted (still do once in a while thanks to YouTube!)

Complete with live music!

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