Friday, September 16, 2016

On Judging

The Rialto
I don't enter very many competitions, but once in a while I want the feedback I can only get from a judge. So I entered one of my favorites The Rialto.
 Here are the judges comments:
Strong use of contrasting colors that 'sing' against each other.
Innovative use of old crochet and embroidered doilies.
Good choice of pieced fabrics in background, but perhaps the proportion of background is a bit large for the purple circles.
Pleasing quilting design.

So I have two questions: What embroidered doilies?
Large pieces? This is all about the doilies the large pieces were chosen so that the background would just be there.

1 comment:

Jan said...

Oh those doilies are right up my alley and what better combo than purple and lime green!
I agree, the background is there for the doilies. I love this quilt!
Jan from Kent.