Friday, December 16, 2016

Ten Tips for Hand sewing

1. Thread a whole pack of needles before you begin a new sewing or quilting project.

2. Thread needles with the 'leading end' of the thread as it unwinds from the spool. You'll proceed take advantage of the natural twist of the thread.

3. Clip thread at an angle to help it pass more easily through the eye of the needle.

4. Hand sewing needles do become dull.  Treat yourself to a few needle for smoother stitches.

5. Try dimming the overhead lights if you have difficulty seeing applique or quilting designs on your light box.

6. Have you ever pricked a finger and stained your quilt? Dab the spot with a drop of your own saliva before trying any other remedy. The enzymes in your saliva will make the bloodstain easier to remove.

7. Choose a light color thread for basting. Dark thread may leave telltale marks when basting is removed.

8. If you have difficulty pulling a stubborn quilting needle through three layers of your quilt, an uninflated rubber balloon will improve your grip.

9. If you spend lots of time in your car keep a project in the glove compartment for unexpected delays.

10. Fingers sore from too much stitching? Bag balm, an antiseptic ointment for treating cows' utters, can soothe your aching fingers.


Warm Quilts said...

It's probably a good idea for me to purchase some new needles and some bag balm, too. Thanks for the great suggestions!

Melody Crust said...

Good ides, thanks.