Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Storage Solutions

This is my thread shelf that holds most of my thread. Since the shelf hangs right across from my sewing machine, the threads are arranged by color because not only would I look for a particular thread color, but I think it is pretty to see it this way.

The shelf is two feet wide and forty inches high. The shelves are just far enough apart for a large spool of thread. From left to right; there is flat film polyester, metallics, polyester thread, machine embroidery thread and on the right; cotton machine embroidery thread. I love to use them all!


I do have an office with my computer and files. There is a large metal office cabinet that stores most of my paint and all of my embellishments!


My fabric is all stored behind closed doors away from dust and light. All I need to do is open the doors and I can easily see what I have. It is sorted by color and value. The stuff I dye is separate from the commercial fabric.


Check out the boxes on top of the fabric cabinets. All leftover bits are cut into the largest size possible, and stored by size. They are in boxes labeled on both ends. I long ago decided what sizes work for me and cut my scraps into these sizes. They are: squares 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, 4 ½”, 5 ½”, 6 ½”. I do not cut as many strips because I found I do not use them a much: 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”strips. If you cut your scraps into usable sizes, decide which sizes work best for you.


SewCalGal said...

You are sew organized, I'm motivated to go clean my sewing room.


imquilternity said...

Wow...talk about organized! It must be sheer bliss to work in your studio!

Melody Crust said...

Thanks, I try to be organized, but don't expect to see it that way ALL the time!

Melody Crust said...
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Melody Crust said...

I know the 'post removed by author' looks odd, but my fingers were flying and I made the same post twice. Who knew that this is what would happen?