Saturday, December 5, 2020

My Favorite Designer - Tony Douquette

 Hutton Wilkinson on Tony Duquette, the Importance of Custom Design, and the  Future of Dawnridge | Architectural Digest

When I think of Tony Duquette, certain images spring instantly to mind. Folding screens spattered with giant sunbursts. A coffered ceiling made of plastic serving trays. Chandeliers laden with glistening abalone shells. Then there’s the gilded biomorphic console table that resembles, depending on one’s vantage point, a writhing sea creature or a roller coaster on Mars. 

Call it Space Age Baroque, it’s the kind of the top decorating that I and maybe the world is ready for, for me Tony is a maximalist icon. 

 stacystyle.files stacy kunstel - Tony Duquette Dawnridge - Hutton Wilkinson  interiors | Laurel Home

 Tony Duquette the amazing talent.... | Maximalist decor, Bohemian house,  Boho living room

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