Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fontvieille, Provence

The typical landscape of Provence is a type of low, soft-leaved scrubland or chaparral found around the Mediterranean Basin, generally near the seacoast, where the climate is moderate, but where there are annual summer drought conditions. Juniper and stunted holm oaks are the typical trees; aromatic lime-tolerant shrubs such as lavender, sage, rosemary, wild thyme are common plants.

Our Gite.

Fontvieille is a small town near Arles and is our base for exploring Provence. Quick and easy to explore Fontvielle has a pleasant main street and square, on which you will find a church and a cafe with a shady terrace.

 Wash day! The edict of hanging clothes. Hang the underwear in the back!
 We are staying in another Gite with Silvie and Mama Silvie.

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